The Gray Visoflex III

Sep 24, 2015  By Jim Lager

E.Leitz, Inc. New York contracted with a NYC professional photography studio to produce product photos using the 8×10 format. A print dated approximately 1963 shows a Visoflex III in gray finish.This paint motif is similar to that applied to the gray Leica MD in 1964 at 1102501-1102510. The photo also shows a milled surface at the front of the OUBIO foot required for installation onto the focusing mount of the 400mm 1:5 Telyt. Please refer to page 198 of my Volume III-Accessories.

The gray Visoflex III usually accompanies the gray MD. A cutout is present at the 6 o’clock position on the front flange of the Visoflex. The purpose of this cutout remains a mystery.
Does the gray Visoflex III exist without the cutout ? Were the very first evaluation samples prepared in gray motif ? Does the specimen in the Leitz New York photo have the cutout? There are many unanswered questions.

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