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2016 Featured Speakers

. (John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail)

John Lehmann is one of the top photojournalists in North America. He was, most recently, named Canadian photojournalist of the year in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Lehmann brings an array of talents to his work: the insatiable curiosity that marks all the best journalists; an artistry that sets his images apart from the billions of other pictures; a quiet intimacy and flair for inventiveness, which is what brings his work to life. Most of all, he is not simply a photographer, he is a visual journalist. And the principal that underpins everything is accuracy and honesty, both to the people he reports on and the readers to whom he reports.

Since 2001, Lehmann has been a staff photojournalist for The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper. He is based in Vancouver and his bailiwick is Western Canada, vast ground he has covered from the Arctic to the remote reaches of British Columbia. He covers breaking news and sports, and develops many short-term and longer-term feature visual projects. He has covered five Olympics, and international news such as the Boxing Day tsunami in Southeast Asia.

His images have won a variety of prizes, including a National Newspaper Award for news feature photography in 2007. In 1998, he was named photographer of the year by the Canadian Press. Before The Globe and Mail, Lehmann worked in Canada for Reuters, the National Post, and the Canadian Press. Lehmann studied photojournalism at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, 1991. Lehmann lives in the Vancouver suburb of Steveston with his wife Winnie and their two children.

  • Keynote Presentation (Saturday October 8)
  • Fall LHSA Photo Contest Judging (Saturday, October 8)

AnnaMiaDavidsonHeadshotBLACKWHITEAnna Mia Davidson is a professional photographer based in Seattle. She believes strongly in the power of images to influence, inspire, and impact the way we see the world. She has two published books, Cuba Black And White (Steidl) and Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest (Minor Matters Books). Her work has been awarded several honors including an invitation by the State Department as a US Embassy Arts Envoy to Thailand, sponsorship by The Blue Earth Alliance, a commission by Aperture, the Jeni Dellaccio Award for Photography, three International Photo Awards, Grants from Artist Trust and Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, The University of Colorado Talent and Creativity Award for Photojournalism, the Cesar Chavez Certificate for Commitment to Justice, Diversity, and Nonviolence, the 2004 Golden Light Top Photographers Award for Documentary photography and an artist residency from the Photo Center Northwest.

Anna Mia Davidson has exhibited her work at Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, The Leica Gallery, Los Angeles, The Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, Leica Gallery, New York, Benham Gallery, Seattle, Fototecca Gallery, Havana Cuba, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, and is part of the Zoelner Art Center’s permanent collection.  Anna Mia Davidson was commissioned as a “Character of America” photographer by Aperture and USA Television Network, and was interviewed on the Today Show. She has presented her work at the Annenberg Space for Photography, Seattle’s Town Hall and at many other institutions throughout the United States and Overseas. She lives in Seattle, WA with her family.

  • The Long Term Photographic Book Project: A Deeper Perspective (Saturday, October 8)

Cradoc BagshawCradoc Bagshaw is an award-winning photographer and photojournalist who works internationally. Documentary and street photography are what he loves the most. “I’m not a travel photographer, but I work best when I’m traveling.” HIs classic Leica black and white images capture the key moments in life that connect us all together. Cradoc has been a professional photographer and photojournalist for over forty years, doing work for dozens of publications including Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Business Week and the New York Times. He’s been associated with photography agencies including Black Star and  with Gamma Liaison in New York, doing assignments for both their editorial and corporate division. Cradoc is also a teacher who has lectured on photography at numerous locations, including NYU and the International Center of Photography in New York, and at UCLA, the California Polytechnic Institute and Brooks Institute of Photography in California.

  • Beyond the Street (Friday, October 8)

Ashwin RaoAshwin Rao lives in Seattle, WA, USA. Ashwin Rao lives in Seattle, WA and is a dedicated rangefinder and Leica enthusiast. His journey into Leica began over 10 years ago, when he was handed an M6 and 50 Summicron, and in the past 10 years, many rangefinder bodies and lenses have passed through his hands. Ashwin has written extensively on using Leica cameras in numerous settings for several popular photography blogs. He is both a dedicated photographer and lover of gear.

  • An Evening with Ashwin Rao (Friday, October 8)



Jim Lager is the world renowned authority on all things Leica, the author of numerous books and articles about the Leica. Jim is a past president of the LHSA and along with Rolf Fricke, president emeritus of the Society.

  • Walther Benser and the SLR Avalanche (Saturday, October 8)

B RosauerBill Rosauer is a past president of the LHSA, and has been editor of the LHSA quarterly journal since 2000. Bill has been a Leica user for almost fifty years, and has been a Leica collector for forty years, and a Leica dealer. Bill has been a consultant to Leica Camera AG on the LHSA Special Edition models.





  • Walther Benser and the SLR Avalanche (Saturday, October 8)

Richard ChalfanRichard Chalfan  got starteded in photography at age 10 and started collecting cameras at age 13.  He bought his first Leica in 1973.  He became seriously interested in Leica about 4 years ago and started collecting Leica to experience what Leica photography would have been like in the early years.  That interest grew into working to acquire a “type collection” of Leica cameras.  After 10 years in the US Navy and 20 years as an engineer for the Boeing Company he is now retired in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

  • Collecting and Shooting with Vintage Leica



Bill RoyceBill Royce, former Air Force fighter pilot and retired Boeing test pilot, has been a lifelong amateur photographer for over 50 years. His photography focuses primarily on street photography, but his body of work also includes numerous airplane images from his years as an Air Force pilot. As a teacher, Bill conducts periodic courses in Street Photography at Kenmore Camera, Kenmore, WA, addressing both the artistic and technical aspects. He has also conducted instructional classes on Silver Efex Pro and Color to Monochrom Digital Conversion. In 2013 he was named a certified expert in Adobe Lightroom. A member of the LHSA – The International Leica Society, his work has been featured in the Viewfinder several times. Bill is active in the local Seattle photography scene, serving as Past-President for the Puget Sound Camera Club, from 2012-2014.  In 2014 he participated in the Photographic Cultural Tour of Cuba.

  • Deeper Into Adobe Lightroom (Friday, October 7)


Gregory Simpson HSgrEGORy Simpson, Composer. Essayist. Photographer. Winning the trifecta of 21st Century valueless professions has enabled Mr. Simpson to pursue total artistic freedom – both the literal and figurative types. For the past eight years, he has written the ULTRAsomething blog. It’s purportedly about photography, but that’s merely an elaborate ruse meant to attract readers. In fact, it’s a modern treatise on existentialism. Often philosophical, occasionally nihilistic, intermittently obtuse but always tongue-in-cheek, ULTRAsomething might just be the least-popular semi-popular photography blog on the internet.



  • Photography Footware – The Next Frontier (Saturday, October 8)
  • Photo walk (TBA)


 Tom Smith

As the Manager of the Leica Akademie of North America, Tom A. Smith is on a mission to bring the experience of shooting with a Leica rangefinder to a new generation of photographers. Since the debut of the Leica Akademie in North America in 2009, Tom has organized and led workshop experiences for more than 3,500 individual photographers, helping many to discover Leica photography for the first time. During our meeting in Washington D.C, Tom will support the Leica Akademie’s “Aerial Photography” workshop with Chris Williams in addition to offering a daily “Leica on loan” program.



  • Leica on Loan (Friday & Saturday)
  • Photo walk (TBA)

Bradley WeeksBradley Weeks is an experienced photographer and a self-avowed Grandad. He was schooled in the art of black and portraiture and for a time worked professionally. After spending several years working for Yashica/Contax, Bradley joined Leica October 1, 1991.

His photography instructors believed that all image manipulation should be done in the darkroom, which contradicted his intense fascination with filers. Not being allowed to use them only created more curiosity. Not to be denied, he began understanding filters by breaking down how they worked and the effect they had on a black and white image, and he studied what a polarizer could do. He studied close-up, color correction and neutral density filters. Later, he explored the mighty and powerful UV, which he found more important in digital than film. As a result of his study, he concluded that post manipulation is never as good as creating the image through the lens at the moment of capture.

  • Better Photographs Using Filters (Friday, Oct 7)

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