Non-Leitz Reflex Housings for Leica Cameras

Mar 18, 2016  By Jim Lager

The earliest reflex housing designed to fit the Leica appears to be the Astro Berlin Identoscope of 1933. Two years later Leitz Wetzlar introduced the PLOOT assembly. In 1936 Ihagee debuted the Kina Exacta and the Russian Sport camera was introduced. During this four year period, reflex housings gave the Leica reflex capability and “genuine” 35mm SLR’s were born. The Astro Identoscope was advertised during the 1930’s in the British Journal Almanac (BJA). High aperture lenses were typically fitted to the housing. Massive Astro lenses 300-800mm were catalogued. During WWII German PK photographers documented military operations with this cumbersome equipment tripod mounted. The viewing image was upside down!

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