Spontaneous Relationships & the M Monochrom

Jun 7, 2016  By Allen Bourgeois

My Leica love affair is not an amazing story, but could be seen as a very late mid-life crisis.  I came to Leica M ownership late in my career with the purchase of a Leica M Monochrom in November of 2012.

I have been a photographer since the mid-1970’s, although not a very good one in the beginning. I bought my first 35mm SLR in Okinawa while stationed there as a Marine. I got involved with the base camera club when a friend of mine said, “you should print your own.” The first time I saw the image come up in the glow of the darkroom safe light, I was hooked.

Upon leaving the Marines, I went to college and studied photography on the G I Bill in the Chicago suburbs. I got a full time job as a photographer upon graduation in 1986, and have been a full time professional photographer in the Chicago area ever since. In college, I found my real passion in my personal photographic work. I work as a professional photographer to support my family and to also support my personal work. My personal work is for the soul.

Seven or eight years ago I began to notice a change in the way I was seeing. A real turn to black and white photography. My work was becoming more about tone, values and shapes and less about color.

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