Null Series Leica No.122

Jul 27, 2016  By Jim Lager


Over 20 years ago Dr. Robert Bingham supplied negatives of Leica No. 122 to aid my research efforts. A photo of the top of this historic Leica appears on page 14 of my Volume I – Cameras. Additional views are included here. By Dr. Bingham’s admission, the photos are just snapshots that he took of the camera outside in the sunlight. This surviving O-Series model represents ( along with the Ur-Leica ) where it all began.




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I rang Peter Loy in London on 17th April 2019 and bought the black Leica 1A (1930) that I’d been lusting after for a couple of weeks. My excuse to my partner is that when his 13-year-old Grandson is my age, 67, this fully working camera would be worth £50,000 . Peter told me that a couple of the nulle serie cameras had recently sold at a major International Auction for £1.9M & just over £2M.

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