The E. Leitz, Inc. New York X-Ray Leica

Oct 28, 2016  By Jim Lager

Longtime LHSA member Dr. Wayne Hull details the Leitz, New York X-ray Leica in the Viewfinder Volume 5, #1, Jan-March 1972. During World War II Leitz New York crafted a modified Leica housing for X-ray applications. Draftees were screened for medical evaluation. The camera and 5cm Xenon lens were fitted into an enclosure attached to the fluoroscope screen. The X-ray apparatus controlled the exposure time. The Leica’s thicker lens flange positioned the Xenon (set at 3.5 feet) to give a coverage of approximately 15×23 inches. A special Second curtain retard lever was positioned on the camera top. The curtain is retarded when the lever is down. The X-ray Leica was fabricated from whatever parts Leitz, New York could obtain.

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My Great Uncle Served in the Army during both WW1 and WW2. I ran across an item from his estate labeled E. Leitz, inc. I am curious about what it is. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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