Early Leica Advertising

Jan 16, 2017  By Jim Lager

(illustration #1) January 1928, Leica A with accessories.

(illustration #2) January 1930 with the famous Hohlwein illustration.

Leica advertising to the end of 1932 speaks of the Leica’s simplicity of operation, compactness, readiness, and excellent results obtainable from the format. Here are a few examples provided by Lawrence Gubas, author of the just-published book titled Zeiss and Photography.

Does anyone have the special case shown in illustration #7?

If you have an unusual early advertisement, please share it with the membership.


(illustration #3) July 1932, Leica II with 10.5 and 7.3cm lenses.



(illustration #4) November 1930 Christmas gift.

(illustration #5) May 1932, Leica II.

(illustration #6) February 1929 Leica A






(illustration #7) December 1931 Christmas gift. Note special case.

(illustration #8) December 1928 Christmas gift.





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