Focal Point: President’s Letter May 2017

May 24, 2017  By Richard Rejino

Leica Society Friends,

Thank you for making it this far! As I mentioned earlier, LHSA has been busy instituting a series of programs, marketing, and events to offer our members. Below is a compilation of what we’ve been up to in 2016/2017. Our Officers, Board of directors, Executive Director and social media marketing company have been busy providing our members with content, reaching out to new members, and being more visible across our social media platforms. If you’d like to be involved in any of the items below, please contact me at

  • Marketing and social media
    • On May 1st, LHSA began its Spring membership drive. With the help of a network of Leica stores and dealers participating in our member drive campaign, we are seeing many new trial memberships join LHSA. Our job is to retain them before their membership expires if not before.
    • Our website has a new educational video educational section. “5 Tips” features well-known Leica photographers who lend their advice.
    • We have collaborated with Leica AG on 9 points of mutual benefit, including new product announcements, cross-promotions between Leica and LHSA, Leica Akademie links, promoting LHSA and Leica store events, and more.
    • LHSA has started a Fan of the Week contest on Facebook and Instagram. Follow LHSA and see who the winners are each week. Enter your images! Here are the links for Facebook and Instagram.
      • If you are not on Facebook or Instagram, click here for a tutorial:
  • Additional Website enhancements
    • Visit and take advantage of the many educational and inspirational features available to you! Stay abreast of meetings, spring shoots, and other Leica events. There is a huge vault of information that will only keep growing.
    • At the Spring board meeting in Louisville, members cataloged close to 50 boxes of Leica historical documents, brochures, books and magazines. Much of this material will be available on our website this fall and will have rapid word search capability. This is part of our plan to leverage our cultural and historical legacy that is only available within the LHSA.
    • We created our Ask an Expert benefit that leverages the expertise within our membership. Get answers to topics such Lightroom, Silver Efex Pro, Printing Digital Images, Leica History, and other topics.
    • We have created links to our supporting partners, which include Leica photographers, the Leica Akademie, Leica Stores and dealers across the country, and sources for travel insurance. Our list keeps growing.
    • Donate: LHSA has made it possible to receive donations for its general fund via the website. Your donations are tax deductible.
  • Events
    • Registration is open for our annual meeting in Chicago – go to to register!
    • Our 2018 Spring Shoot will be in Santa Fe from April 19-21, 2018 at the La Fonda Hotel
    • LHSA’s Jubilee year will end with a celebration in Wetzlar, Germany in October 2018
    • Future meetings will include Boston, MA
  • Operations
    • We have formed an Advisory Group, which include photographers who make suggestions and recommendations in LHSA’s journey to be the place for all things Leica.
    • The advisory group will help us tap into the younger Leica user.
    • Aswin Rao, Brad Husik and Ed Tan are current members on the advisory board.
  • Photographer Philanthropy Fund
    • LHSA has raised enough funds to offer support to deserving photographers with its first ever Grant in the amount of $5000.
    • The application process will open this summer
    • The 1st recipient of the 2017 LHSA Grant will be announced at the annual meeting in Chicago
    • The Jury will include Maggie Steber, Craig Semetko, and Peter Turnley.
  • 50th Anniversary and Jubilee
    • A special edition 50th anniversary commemorative Leica lens will be available in time for the October meeting in Chicago. It will mark the beginning of our Jubilee year. A commemorative Leica camera body will be available in 2018. Part of the sales of the lens and camera will go back to the Society.
    • Stefan Immes will design a special edition LHSA 50th Anniversary Oberwerth Bag and donate $100 to the LHSA Photographer’s Fund for each bag sold!
    • The translation of the Oscar Barnak book has been completed and will be published and sold through LHSA. Many thanks to Ed Schwartreich and Rolfe Fricke who helped with the translation.
  • Fundraising
    • Thanks to Alan Weinschel and Jay Paxton, the LHSA Raffle is due to come back in 2017. In the past, the raffle has been a very popular LHSA offering and an important revenue source.
  • Be an “Active” Member of LHSA
    • In order to keep building on the momentum we have gained, we need people like you to become involved. In some cases, we have short-term projects that need temporary help. Get involved in any way you can.
    • Be an LHSA Ambassador, by convincing other photographers to join in our Leica journey by becoming a member!
    • Make a donation to our Society. The longevity of our Society depends on memberships, additional revenue streams and donations. We are a 501C3, and your donations are tax deductible.


Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.


How do I access the “ask an expert” I need help,with Lightroom.

    HI, Marcus! Ask the Expert is under the LHSA Community menu. You will need to login to gain access to the page. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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