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Oct 3, 2017  By Bill Rosauer

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Camera straps are another one of those “Neat Things for your Leica” that many of us obsess over. Just like “Softies”, half cases, grips, “Thumbs Ups”, camera bags and other useful accessories, they provide a way for us to “accessorize” our Leicas and make them better suited to our individual style.

The story began in 2015 when Greek film director and photographer Evris Papanikolas needed a strap for his Leica. As Evris tells it, he took one of his dog’s leashes and convinced the owner of a local shoe repair shop to make some modifications to the leash to come up with his first camera strap. And the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Evris has designed and introduced several unique straps under his brand: Tie Her Up. Evris explains that the word camera is a feminine noun in Greek, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese, and that is the “Her” being referred to in his product’s name. Don’t be getting any other ideas! The straps are entirely made by hand with top quality Italian and Greek leather, hand stitched and assembled by two professionals in leather, being experienced belt and bag makers.

Evris’ most unique product is the Rock n Roll strap, reminiscent of the guitar straps used by Rock and Roll guitar players. Made entirely of leather, it is available in several different colors and finishes. It is also available in a limited edition M10 model in black with red accent. Each strap consists of 55 to 75 individual pieces and takes over an hour to construct. The Classic strap is straight forward simple elegance, hand cut from Cretan leather and stitched with waxed thread, with a comfortable 15 mm width. It is also available in an 11mm “slim” version. The Riviera is a bit more luxurious, with two exposed sides of top grain leather fully stitched along its length. The Nevada strap is made from a distressed brown, buttery soft leather similar to the Classic strap, and like the Classic is available in a standard and slim width. The Snake straps are made from top quality climbing rope and finished with stitched leather ends. All of the straps come in 100 and 125 cm lengths. The 100 cm length is best suited for over the shoulder or on your chest carry for an average sized person, while the 125 cm is best for across the body carry or someone with a larger frame. The Komboloi wrist straps are made with climbing rope and leather. There is also a Rock n Roll version of the wrist strap. All of Evris’ straps are presented in a simple, yet beautifully made linen folio. To top them all off, Evris makes an incredibly decadent Napa leather pouch to store and transport your camera in as well.

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