Apr 13, 2018  By Jim Lager

The 1930 Photo Post Catalog illustrates a tiny masking device fitting over the 5cm viewfinder of the Leica C. The opening at the front of the mask is configured to cover the field of view of the 13.5cm 1:4.5 Elmar. Until recently the only sample I had inspected is shown on page 14 of my Volume III-Accessories. An additional specimen is shown here.

The cap type mask lacks Leitz identification. It appear very few were prepared as the more commonly encountered swingin style mask was under the development concurrently. In over four decades of research I have inspected only two samples. Have more survived?


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Dear Mr Lager, I have an old Leica M2 ,from the sixties, with a35 1.4 summilux lens. However, the rewind button came off and I need to find the screw and find someone for repair. Leica in NJ does not have the screw and Leica in NY will take it and charge me even more for the repair. Do you know someone who might be able to help? I might have to finish the role and sell her as is. Thank You Instagram: christina_thomson. 917 861 8873. 80 east end Avenue NYC.

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