5 Tips for Collecting Leica Cameras

May 17, 2018  By Richard Rejino

In this installment of the LHSA “How To” video series, LHSA member, Lars Netopil shares his 5 tips on collecting Leica cameras. Lars Netopil is a Leica historian, collector, and dealer located in Wetzlar, Germany – you can find Leica Store Wetzlar just steps away from where Oskar Barnack shot.

 In this “How To” video series, Helen Todd sat down with Lars to discuss his 5 tips.

  1. Find Out What Kind of Collector You Are
  2. Buy Something That Looks Untouched
  3. Be Aware of Rare Versions
  4. Check Your Sources
  5. Learn from Friends or Literature Before You Buy

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Special thanks to Lars Netopil.

Interviewed & Produced by: Helen Todd at Sociality Squared

Recorded by: Kyle Hamman

Edited by: Erik Hogan

Music by: Akashic Records

Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.

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