Kodachrome – a Netflix film

May 14, 2018  By Richard Rejino

Thanks to David Spielman for this news tip:

Netflix’s new movie Kodachrome features Parsons, Kansas. Parsons was the last place in the world to process Kodachrome, the brand name for Kodak’s color-reversal film. The movie stars Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis, and Elizabeth Olsen. Screen capture Netflix/Kodachrome trailer

There’s only one more place in the world that processes Kodachrome, the brand name for Kodak’s color-reversal film, in Netflix’s new movie “Kodachrome.”

And that place is Parsons, Kansas.

In real life, Dwayne’s Photo Service in Parsons processed its last Kodachrome roll in 2010, as previously reported by The Eagle. The photo business was the last place in the world to process the film, according to the Associated Press. Business was crazy.

Now, the town of almost 10,000 people in southeast Kansas is the destination in the movie starring actors Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis and Elizabeth Olsen.

Harris’ and Sudeikis’ characters — a dying photographer and his estranged record-company executive son — head to the Parsons-based photo lab to process film, according to Netflix.

You can watch the trailer at https://www.netflix.com/title/80216834. The trailer shows the stars in a red car driving underneath the giant sign that welcomes people to Parsons. However, no parts of the movie were actually shot in Parsons, WIBW reported.

Richard Rejino
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