2018 Annual Meeting Schedule

May 11, 2018  By Richard Rejino

Please note: the schedule is subject to change

All sessions are in Conference Center III & IV unless otherwise noted

Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018

1:00 – 5 PM        Registration will be at Leitz Park Conference Center III & IV.  Shuttle buses will be running.

5:00 – 6:00          Informal evening gathering (arcona lobby)

6:00 PM               Dinner on your own

Thursday, October 4, 201

8:30-9:15              “Leica on Loan” There will be Leica equipment available for trying out (Conference Center)
Sensor cleaning drop off (no cost) (limited to 50 per day) (repair form required) (Conference Center).

9:15-9:30              Opening session: Introduction and Welcome (Conference Center)

9:30-11:15           Tour of Leica Factory and Meet and Greet with Fellow Participants (Main Leica building)

11:30-12:45         Meet with Leica Executives: Invited: Stefan Daniel (Global Director of Business Unit Photo), Dr. Marita Paasch (Chief Operating Officer), M, SL, CL Product Managers, others. This will include Q and A’s.  (Conference Center)

12:45-1:15           Dr. Guenter Kisselbach (LHSA member in Wetzlar) will discuss photo opportunities in Wetzlar and area (Conference Center)

1:30-2:30             Lunch at Leica AG “Casino” (Main Leica Building) (included)

3:00-5:30              Walking Tour of Wetzlar (1) with local guide (depart from Michel Hotel/Arcona Leitz hotel to Busstopp Wöllbacher Tor)(“Domplatz”) (included).  After the tour, you may also want to visit Lars Netopil Classic Cameras which is near the Domplatz.

3:00-4:00              Tour the Leica Archives (also offered Friday at 3:00pm)

3:00-5:30              LHSA Board of Directors Meeting (Main Leica Building)

6:00-7:30              Reception for all; Leica executives are invited as well as members and guests (arcona Leitz Hotel) (included)   Dinner on your own

Friday, October 5, 2018

8:30-9:15              “Leica on Loan” There will be Leica equipment available for trying out (Conference Center)
Sensor cleaning drop off (no cost) (limited to 50 per day) (repair form required) (Conference Center).

9:00-9:50              Keynote Address: Ruud Peters, CFO of Leica AG (Conference Center)

10:00-10:50         “Bridging Tradition and Innovation:” Peter Karbe, Head of Optical Development, Leica AG: (Conference Center)

11:00-11:50         “Reflections of a Leica Beta Tester” – Jono Slack (Conference Center)

12:00-12:40         “Inspiration Sehen; My Point of View,” Hari Subramanyam (Conference Center)

12:40 PM             Lunch on Your Own

2:00 – 2:45          Lars Netopil on the Leica Archives and his book, “Museum Leica” (Conference Center)

2:45-5:00             Walking Tour of Wetzlar (depart from Busstopp Wöllbacher Tor (Domplatz)– included). After the tour, you may also want to visit Lars Netopil Classic Cameras in downtown Wetzlar.

3:00-4:00              Tour the Leica Archives (also offered Thursday at 3:00 p.m.)

5:00-6:00              Visit to Alter Friedhof Cemetery (graves of Leitz family, Oskar Barnack, Max Berek) conducted by Ulf Richter, (author of “Oskar Barnack – From the Idea to the Leica) (depart from Michel Hotel)

6:00                        Informal Dinner on Your Own. 

Saturday, Oct 6, 2018

7:30-8:00              Pick up sensor cleaning and return all Leica on Loan equipment (Conference Center)

8:00-9:00              LHSA General Business Meeting and Election (Conference center)

9:30-5:30             (Optional) Bus tour to Marburg (detail below)

7:00 PM        Banquet Dinner (arcona)(optional $65/pp)(alcoholic beverages available for purchase). LHSA Photographers Fund 2017 winner presentation and announcement of 2018 winner. (Dr. Andreas Kauffman will attend)

Sunday, Oct 7, 2018

Morning Departure, or (Optional) All Day Rhine River Cruise (detail below)


Optional Marburg Bus Trip: Saturday, Oct 6, 2018  (must be pre-registered)

9:00                        Bus pickup at Hotel Michel

9:15                        Bus pickup at arcona Leitz Hotel

9:30                       Buses depart from arcona Leitz to Marburg

10:15                     Arrive Elizabethkirche (St Elizabeth Church – first gothic in Germany (13th Century) for tour.

11:30-12:00         Load Buses for short ride to drop off point; walk to lunch – Bueckingsgarten Restaurant; Landgraf-Philipp- Straße 6, 35037 Marburg

12:00-1:15           Lunch at Bueckingsgarten Restaurant (included except alcoholic beverages)

1:15 -1:30            Short Walk from restaurant to the Fountain in Markt Platz

1:30 – 3:30          Guided tour of Castle of the Landgrave and Old town Marburg.

3:30 – 4:15          Walk to Marburg Markt Platz; photo walk on your own (including 16th century Rathaus or Town Hall)

4:15 – 4:30          Walk to bus pick-up point: Volksbank Mittelhessen at Rudolf Platz

4:30                       Meet promptly at: Rudolphsplatz (Volksbank Mittelhessen) Buses depart from Marburg to Wetzlar

5:30                        Arrive in Wetzlar

Optional Rhine River Cruise: Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 (must be pre-registered)

6:15 AM               Bus pickup at Hotel Michel

6:30 AM               Bus pickup at Arcona

6:45                        Buses depart from Arcona Leitz, Wetzlar

8:30                        Arrive in Koblenz

9:00-3:15 PM     River Cruise with stops (lunch included) south to Rudesheim

3:15                        Buses depart Rudesheim for Wetzlar

5:00                        Arrive Wetzlar; buses will drop off at both Hotels.

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Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.

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