At last…an affordable digital Leica for using my M & R lenses.

Jul 25, 2018  By Terry Maltby

I am now in early retirement and my spending ability is more limited, so I was extremely fortunate in that I was able to recently buy a used Leica T camera for about two-thirds less than the price of a new one. It has a condition rating of 9+ which is due only to two very minor fingernail scuff marks on the top of the body. It is definitely evolutionary but still delightfully Leica in styling and quality! Secure to hold due to its rangefinder-like weight, it feels like my M6 TTL is in my hands while using it and there is no change in obtaining outstanding clear, sharp images. It feels like I’ve already been using it for years. And there truly are no steep learning experiences to go through. I have waited a long, long time for a digital camera adapter for my Leica R lenses and before my T arrived I searched at Amazon’s site for that and —surprise!—found one strictly for the T. It is a perfectly solid, well-made Novoflex adapter that works exceptionally well. I can’t wait to use my R lenses above 135mm with it!

I have always used the aperture priority mode setting on my R8 and M6 TTL since I bought them long ago. The endorphins in my brain do not get excited with fast auto races, busy sports activity, and other moving objects, so I never use the shutter priority setting on those cameras. Since the T requires using aperture priority with M lenses, I am happy with that. Though the new Visoflex creates a new, unique way of focusing, I am again going to use the method I have preferred to use on both of the aforementioned cameras: depth of field scale focusing or hyperfocal distance setting. Two Viewfinder issues that were sent to members in 2014 that had very informative details about the T did not mention this, so for new, young Leica Society members and other young people who read this issue, I recommend searching the Internet for ‘hyperfocal distance setting of Leica lenses’. This is much easier and faster to use than the Visoflex focuser and the rear screen on the T body.

The first four images I obtained with the T are shown here. Descriptions follow next about the lenses used and some details.

Glorious shooting, all T owners! •

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