L-Mount: Explore the New Standard of Creative Freedom

Sep 25, 2018  By Richard Rejino


Developed by Leica Camera in collaboration with Panasonic and Sigma, the L-Mount Alliance marks the start of a new era of photographic freedom and flexibility. Never before has one lens mount standard allowed for a wide array of options in combining different interchangeable lenses with cameras featuring different sensor formats. Leica Camera, Panasonic, and Sigma offer a user-friendly solution that will allow photographers to ‘mix and match’ the three manufacturers’ APS-C and full-frame cameras with lenses from each other’s product portfolio. This strategic partnership, at its core, will allow customers to choose from a much wider selection of cameras and lenses without limiting themselves to one specific brand. Photographers can expect future product announcements from Leica Camera, Panasonic, and SIGMA that will adhere to this new standard. 

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In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the Leica S2, Leica Camera is proud to announce the upcoming Leica S3. The new medium format camera features a striking 64 megapixels sensor and impeccable performance in any lighting situation. With a dynamic range of 15 stops, ISO sensitivity up to 50,000, and 4k cinema resolution, the Leica S3 offers a wealth of components that are perfectly matched for a seamless photographic experience within a dust and water-sealed body. Available beginning Spring 2019.

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The Leica CL, a versatile, intuitive, lightweight and compact system camera, is now available in a sleek silver finish. While its technical specifications remain identical to those of its black counterpart, the new offering stands out with a classic combination of black and silver. Although the black leather trim of the black style has been maintained, the top plate and baseplate are both silver anodized, and the control elements of the top plate are finished in silver.
The Leica CL represents the juxtaposition of iconic design and advanced technical standards. This portable system camera is a versatile everyday tool for photographers that delivers pristine image quality and sensory satisfaction.

The silver TL lens offerings are the perfect accompaniment to the iconic silver design of the new camera. Available at Leica Stores, Boutiques and Dealers next week.

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Instantly transfer images from your Leica camera to your smartphone with the Leica FOTOS App. Compatible with almost any Wi-Fi enabled Leica camera, the new app allows photographers to capture unforgettable moments remotely, transfer, edit and share images quickly on social media. Current Leica customers can register for a free beta version of the app.

Leica FOTOS can be used for this in combination with many popular software tools, ranging from Adobe® Lightroom® Mobile® to VSCO®.


Download the latest firmware from Leica for the Leica SL, Leica S (Typ 007), Leica M10, and Leica M10-P to enhance your photographic experience. All firmware updates are fully compatible with the new Leica FOTOS app and are available today.

  • Click here for the Leica SL-System: Firmware Update 3.3
  • Click here for the Leica S (Typ 007): Firmware Update
  • Click here for the Leica M10: Firmware Update
  • Click here for the Leica M10-P: Firmware Update


Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.

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