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Oct 25, 2018  By Jonathan Slack


In my household the M10-D has caused more controversy than any other camera that I’ve tested for Leica, and on the internet forums the leaked images and descriptions of the camera seem to have caused almost as much disagreement.

What is it? And what it was.

The M10-D is a digital rangefinder camera without an LCD screen and with what looks like a wind-on lever. To be fair, it’s this ‘wind-on lever’ which seems to have caused most of the controversy (certainly around here). I’ll leave that to later.

The original Leica M-D came out as a special limited edition, but there was so much interest that Leica brought out a series version; the M-D type 262 in April 2016. Personally I wasn’t very sure that I needed chimping relief, and the idea of having full time auto WB was a real discouragement, so I never even played with one.

Others on the other hand quickly fell in love with it, and for many photographers it was a real hit. Limiting their options left them free to concentrate on taking pictures, and having to wait until you got home before you could look at the images was a throwback to the excitement of film days.

Superficially the new M10-D is the same thing, updated with the new M10 sensor, an exposure compensation dial and the lovely quiet shutter from the M10-P.

But the M10-D is also much more than that: If you are nervous about shooting with the rangefinder, then you can plug in an Electronic Viewfinder. If you feel then need to look at the images when you’re out and about then you can just switch on the WiFi and connect with your phone or tablet (iOS or Android). More than that, you can edit some of the settings in the new Leica Fotos app (currently metering mode, file format, white balance, but there will be more). And then there is the wind on lever (more about that later).

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