Leica Announces M10-P & Summicron-M 50mm ‘Safari’ Editions

Jan 31, 2019  By Richard Rejino

Leica Camera is excited to announce new special editions of the esteemed Leica M10-P camera body and the renowned Leica Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 lens, both being made available and sold separately in ‘Safari’ Editions. The eye-catching special finish of olive green ‘Safari’ cameras from Leica have a long and storied tradition, dating back to the early years of the M-System.

Leica has been releasing strictly limited, special editions since 1975. These exceptional models are conceived and produced by Leica in collaboration with artists, photographers, designers and premium brands. Thanks to this tradition, a number of unusual and unique special models and sets with perfectly coordinated accessories have been released.

Each of these strictly limited editions is meticulously hand-crafted in the Leica factory and offered in an equally fascinating, premium presentation set. Indeed, the unique experience of owning these outstanding products begins with the opening of the box, specially developed for each limited Leica camera set.

The eye-catching special finish of olive green “Safari” cameras from Leica have a long and storied tradition, dating back to the early years of the M-System.

The first Leica cameras with this high-quality paint finish in olive green were originally designed and constructed for military use in the field. Their reputation as robust and reliable tools under extreme conditions spread rapidly around the world.

What began in 1960 with the Leica M1 “Olive” manufactured for the German armed forces went on to become a story of legends in the camera world. While the subsequent olive green M3 and M4 cameras were manufactured exclusively for military use, 1977 saw the appearance of the olive green Leica R3 “Safari” camera in response to increasing demand from private customers.

This special edition was followed by a series of popular successors: the M6 TTL “Safari” in 2000, the M8.2 “Safari” in 2008 and, in 2015, the M-P (Typ 240) “Safari”.

Today, the Leica M10-P Edition “Safari” camera and the matching Leica Summicron-M 50 f/2 Edition “Safari” premium lens finished in olive green paint carry that history forward and represent a perfect symbiosis of functionality and design. All visible metallic components of the camera and lens are elaborately machined from solid brass. The premium olive green paint finish makes the camera and lens resistant to handling blemishes and scratches and provides enduring protection against external influences such as chemicals and UV light. This is first time in the history of Leica Camera that an M-Lens has been offered in this now legendary olive green finish.

The iconic olive green cameras have become a mainstay of Leica’s history and extensive product portfolio, and these special models are enormously popular among Leica collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.

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