Feb 15, 2019  By Gary Hough

LHSA member Tom Holland and I spent 11 days pre-LHSA Wetzlar plus six more days at the LHSA meeting, on a mission to determine the best Weisbier or Pils during our 8-city marathon through Germany and the Czech Republic. Our chosen locations included: Leipzig, Jena, Dresden, Prague, Nurnberg, Rothenberg, Wetzlar, and Marburg. PROST!

Both having engineering backgrounds, this was to be a scientifically conducted experiment, with notetaking on various qualitative aspects of Pils and Weisbier at each of our stops. And what better way to document these experiments than using the discrete features of the Leica CL. Ein Glas Weisbier bitte!

With the CL, we could quickly auto focus on the effervescence, count the bubble formation and calculate the exact sipping moment, check the amber color against a known standard, measure the height of the suds, check the fluidity, viscosity, and boundary layer effects as the liquid passed over our lips.

Our miscalculation was that quantitative consumption of bier trumps qualitative analysis. I have none-the-less included some Weisbier imagery showcasing close auto focus and shot wide open-my favorite method of shooting. With our scientific studies trashed, I quickly switched to another CL attribute-that of rapid auto focus for quickly and accurately capturing the desired moment. I need time to focus wide open with my M cameras and especially during those intense photographic moments after having several brewskis. I happily include a few examples
with people self-absorbed in their moment, and with the discreet size of the CL, getting close with either the pancake 18mm (28mm equiv.) Elmarit-L or 35mm (50mm equiv.) Summilux-L is easy and nonobtrusive. I am practically invisible.

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