Leitz Propaganda Projector (circa 1934/1937)

Jun 6, 2019  By Jim Lager

The May-June 1937 publication Leica News & Technique from E. Leitz (London) illustrates a device labeled The Leitz Propaganda Projector.
The article, reproduced here, details the applications for this unusual Leitz accessory.

The Leica Dealers Bulletin #26, August-September 1934, published by E. Leitz, Inc. New York discusses the device as the UFADE Advertising Continuous Automatic Projector #60050 priced at 415 dollars. Dimensions 42” high, 18” wide, and 19” thickness. Built-in daylight projection screen 12×18” shows a continuous loop of Leica positives at six photos per minute. The following bulletin #27 offers the UFADE to Leica dealers on a loaner basis as sales were undoubtedly minimal. If you cannot sell it, loan it. Has the UFADE survived? Please direct your comments to Editor Rosauer or myself.

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