NORWAY [within 50mm framelines]

Jun 6, 2019  By Julius Yls

Shooting Norway’s landscape with the  mm Summilux-M. Norway’s landscape is famous for giant fjords, rows of mountains, and vast tundra wilderness. In this trip I will be trying to capture all those essences with my Leica M-E and standard 50mm Summilux-M, instead of wide angle lenses.

In the past, I would always use my 28mm Elmarit to capture landscapes, being satisfied with the fact that I could capture everything in one frame. But this changed after my trip to Norway capturing the landscape using a 50mm lens. There are many reasons that made for this change, but in this article I will make it simple and to the point.

In the beginning, I had difficulty fitting the landscape into my 50mm frame line. Naturally when I saw a grand landscape I wanted to capture all of it with the hope that it would show the grandeur of scale of the landscape. However, using the 50mm forced me to think and find the core essence of the landscape. What is it that makes  this  particular landscape  special or grand? What is it that I want my audience to feel?

The 50mm frameline gives more personal and intense meaning to your composition.

Finding the essence. Often I found that there is some particular spot or composition within the whole landscape that gives me the sentimental feeling about the whole. For example, see the picture taken in Djupvasshytta in the early morning. Although the season was summer, it was a cold morning and the warm sunlight had just started to hit the surface of the mountain. The moment was quiet and the mountain felt calm. I used the 50mm frame line of my Leica M rangefinder to look around the landscape, and found the composition that somehow also represented the intimate experience of being in that place at that time. The picture shows that I am standing close to the wooden hut and seeing bits of warm morning light sparkling around the edges of the grasses. A bit of icy water touches the mountain in the background.

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