Snyder at Wetzlar

Jun 6, 2019  By Jim Lager

Who was Snyder and what connection did he have to Leitz Wetzlar? Indiana native Paul Snyder served with the United States Army in the European Theatre (France from 1944). A few days after Wetzlar, Germany was liberated, Lt. Snyder was assigned to be the U.S. Army representative in charge of Leitz Wetzlar operations. After the War ended, then Captain Snyder was separated from the Army in 1947 but remained at Leitz Wetzlar as the U.S. State Department Representative. During his tenure at Wetzlar, he purchased Leitz photographic equipment including the Leica IIIc, numerous lenses, and many small accessories.

Some of the items purchased by Snyder are presently found within Leica collections. The illustrated lenses are factory engraved “Paul Snyder” in the distinctive font of that period. Purchases range between August 1945 to June 1946. Have any additional artifacts survived?

Many thanks to longtime LHSA member George Schilling for his essential assistance in preparing this article.

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