NEW: Leica APO-Summicron-SL 50 mm f/2 ASPH

Aug 15, 2019  By Richard Rejino

Anything but a standard lens

Leica Camera is excited to announce the latest in its line of high-performance Summicron-SL lenses, the Leica APO-Summicron-SL 50 mm f/2 ASPH. Previously revealed to the public in the Leica L-Mount lens road map, the newest optic reaches such peaks of performance that it sets a new benchmark for a “standard” lens.

The optical formula for the APO-Summicron-SL 50 mm f/2 ASPH. achieves such incredible image quality through its design of 12 extremely complex lens elements, 3 of which are aspherical, arranged in 10 groups. To further correct for unwanted chromatic aberrations, the lens utilizes apochromatic corrections. All of these technical qualities combined with its rugged metal construction, weather sealing against dust and spray water, Aquadura water-resistant exterior glass coatings and a fast Dual Synchro Drive autofocus leads to an amazingly capable pro-grade tool for all types of photography.

Now the fourth release in the line of Summicron-SL lenses, it promises to give photographers who prefer a 50mm focal length the best performance possible in a housing and barrel that are still travel friendly. Users and owners of any Summicron-SL lenses will immediately feel at home with the new 50mm, as all Summicron-SL lenses (50mm, 35mm, 75mm, and 90mm) share the same build and barrel dimensions.

Lens       APO-Summicron-SL 50 f/2 ASPH.

Order No.            11 185

Field angle (diagonal, horizontal, vertical               47.2°/40°/27.3°

Optical Design:

Number of lenses/groups            12/10

Number of asph. Surfaces/lenses                             4/3

Entrance pupil position before bayonet level       63.2 mm at ∞

Distance Setting

Working range  ∞ to 0.35 m

Smallest object field       120 x 180 mm

Largest reproduction ration         1:5


Setting function: Electronically controlled aperture, set using turn/push wheel on camera, including half and third values

Aperture setting range  2-22

Lowest value 22

Bayonet/sensor format L-Mount, full-frame 35 mm format

Filer mount        E67

Dimensions and weight

Length to bayonet mount 102mm

Largest diameter 73mm

Weight 740 g

Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.

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