CHERNOBYL & Leica Travel Photography: Traveling the Blue Dot with a Red Dot

Oct 9, 2019  By Keith Sbiral

As a Leica user, you may have already found, as I have, that a love for photography is perfectly matched with a passion for travel.

I recently completed my first single trip circumnavigation of the globe as part of a project we call Red Dot Blue Dot. Including our circumnavigation with my wife, Amy M. Gardner, I have visited 40 countries, many of them multiple times, including traveling over a dozen times in just six years to Cuba.

My photography mixes components of documentary, street, low or available light, and travel photography. My goal is to create a genre of photography people recognize as Red Dot Blue Dot Photography that combines key aspects of several well-known genres in order to connect people to each other and connect people to places. The key to Red Dot Blue Dot Photography is capturing people, our environment, and the affect and effect of both in a way that connects us to everyday life and emphasizes the vast connectedness of our world.

The mission of, the Red Dot Blue Dot website, is to bring travelers and photographers togeth- er in a positive community that enriches and encourages photographers, travelers, and those new to photography and travel to see the world and make great images.

The site currently features photographers, images, and travel content that aims to inspire travelers to truly engage with their surroundings and experience the world around them. Through great images we also hope to bring a true sense of place to those who are unable to travel as regularly as we have had the good fortune to travel.

One example of the experiences we have had and shared with our followers since launching Red Dot Blue Dot in the summer of 2018 was traveling to Chernobyl. The relatively short twelve hours we spent there is a great case study for how to tell a story of place and people through photography.

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