Oct 7, 2019  By Ed Schwartzreich

Manfred Heiting, who is compiling a definitive bibliography of everything that Dr. Wolff published, has turned up two more catalogs from the famous 1934 Leitz-sponsored first exhibition of Dr. Wolff ’s Leica enlargements. These pamphlets in Spanish and Portuguese were apparently intended for the travels of this exhibition to South America, although there was no reason why they could not have been used within Europe as well. These catalogs further our information about Leitz’s outreach across the globe for their products.

Mr. Heiting’s new bibliography will run to considerably more than 1000 items, and include every book with even a minimal Dr. Wolff or Wolff & Tritschler contribution, as well as magazine articles, postcards, and so forth. For the books, each edition or variant is described, as well as depicted. In comparison, my own Dr. Wolff bibliography only covered books and ephemera where 50% or more of the total images were by Wolff.

Here is what part of the layout in Manfred’s book may look like for these two Dr. Wolff catalog items, with images of the catalogs along-side.

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