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Silver Efex Pro II (SEPII) is a market-leading monochrome conversion plug-in that works well with both Lightroom and Photoshop. This article discusses how you can launch this program from both Lightroom and Photoshop CC and also covers how you can return to the application to start where you left off with additional edits.

If you are editing your images in Lightroom, you will need to launch SEPII by doing as follows:

  1. Select the image you wish to convert using SEPII.
  2. Right click on the image and select Edit In > Silver Efex Pro
  3. Select one of the following in the dialog box:

. Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments

. Edit a Copy

. Edit Original (This option is not selectable for raw files.)

4. Select Edit After SEPII launches, complete your editing with the presets and edits as desired.

5. After SEPII launches, complete your editing with the presets and edits as desired.

6. Before pressing the Save button on the lower right, to preserve most of the edits you made, select the “+” but- ton on the CUSTOM panel on the lower left side panel of the PRESET LIBRARY column. (Figure 1)

7. Name the custom preset that you create and press OK. This preset Select the image you wish to convert using SEPII has recorded all your edits except the Control Points you added to your image.

8. If you wish to return to the edits you have made on this image proceed as follows:

. Select the original (color) image you edited the first time (not the edited version).

. Launch SEPII as discussed above and select Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.

. Once SEPII has launched, in the CUSTOM panel of the PRESET LIBRARY, click on the preset you previously created

. This will automatically include all your edits previously recorded in your custom preset. Note: selecting a preset moves the editing sliders in the adjustment panels on the right side. These sliders can then be moved to add to or revise previous edits.

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