The Leica SL2

Feb 18, 2020  By Jonathan Slack

So, here we have Leica’s upgrade to the SL, or so I thought, but it isn’t quite that simple.

I have been looking back at my Lightroom catalogue and it seems that I first shot with the Leica SL on June 1, 2015. Since then, I’ve shot lots of events, seven weddings and hundreds of landscape, environmental and wildlife images (and even some street photography).

Nearly four and a half years on, my camera has been through hell and high water, rain and sweat and dust; it’s been banged against walls and pulled onto the floor by children. It has performed flawlessly, and I  know it  better than any camera I have ever used. I have no idea how many pictures  I’ve taken with it, but I have around 20,000 saved images (and  I’m really very brutal about culling). I would estimate well over 200,000.

The SL still fulfills all my requirements, and I’m still in love with the interface. So why would I want something different, and let’s be honest – how often does one really NEED 47 mp. Added to which the strap lugs on the SL2 stick out, and it only has three buttons on the back (rather than the four on the SL). And they have writing on them! Worse than that, they’ve re- placed the beautiful Bauhaus brutalism with a kind of soft edged version, all the edges smoothed out and finessed.

But it’s my job to test these cameras, so I have, and my thoughts  are  below.  As  usual,  I  should   stress   that   my job is to test cameras, not to write reviews, and if I find something  wrong, then  my   duty   is   to   tell   Leica  about it (not you)…And I certainly  do  tell  Leica!  Having  said that, I would never knowingly miss out a fault (like the sticking-out strap lugs), and I will do my very best to convey my honest feelings about the camera. Leica never tries to influence my writing, although they do have the  opportunity to fact check what I write.

Sadly, I’m not a video photographer, but I’m going to spend more time on the video features as they seem to be much more significant in the SL2.

I really hope you enjoy this article. I have perhaps been a bit more descriptive than normal about the functions / operation and menus as I feel that there are quite a lot of  innovations and that they’re worth the time and effort, and I’m hoping that the article will be a good companion for those who have just received the camera (or are waiting for it).

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