Mar 16, 2020  By Jim Lager

The grey paint finished 13.5cm 1:4.5 Hektor (codeword HEFAR) was briefly discussed in the Viewfinder #4, 1983. Two lenses were illustrated 575211 on the cover and 576111 in the article.

During August and September 1944, Leitz Wetzlar shipped 13.5cm Hektors to Berlin. At least four shipments are recorded in the delivery ledgers preserved in the Leica Germany archive.

The illustrated examples from 1944 have grey painted focusing mounts fitted with black lacquered lens heads. There is no indication of finish in the records. An earlier September 1941 shipment in the 558XXX range is written grau (grey).

Any grey finished HEFAR is conspicuously different from the ordinary black lacquered motif. We can speculate that most grey samples were lost/consumed as the War neared closure. Editor Rosauer and I welcome your observations.

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