Dr. Paul Wolff’s Family Pictures

Mar 16, 2020  By Ed Schwartzreich

This is the first of three articles based upon images received from Ashley Wolff, Dr. Paul Wolff ’s granddaughter. These articles are an attempt to answer several otherwise unanswered biographic questions:

  1. What was the nature of Paul Wolff ’s photographic vision and how much did the Leica influence this?
  2. What was the reason for Wolff ’s leaving Alsace for Frankfurt after WWI?
  3. Why did Wolff keep the title ”Dr”, and does this throw any light upon Wolff ’s behavior during the Nazi regime?

More than once in his life, this author has wondered about the home lives of famous or very talented people – were they any different based upon their specialized knowledge from the way one’s family, friends, or neighbors did things? Specifically, when the famous person was a photographer, what sort of pictures did they make of their children, their spouse, their in-laws? Did their child complain about the picture-taking (like this author’s own), “Oh no, here goes Pop again”?

Were their pictures any different from those of other doting parents?

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