Mar 16, 2020  By Ed Schwartzreich

People who know me know that I am a sucker for after- market gadgets that are made to fit Leica cameras and perform some function that is otherwise difficult to bring off. I even gave a talk at the Annual Meeting a few years ago about all such gadgets that I had accumulated over the years. So, this is probably why Editor Rosauer tasked me with reporting on a new accessory: the Thumb Rest Lever for M10. This device, designed and made by Hobby, Japan, and sold by Map Camera in Japan, is somewhat similar to Tim Isaac’s better-known Thumbs-Up, but allows the motion, and to a degree, the feel of a film Leica M wind lever. Or, to be more current, a Leica M10-D. This accessory promises the ergonomic and stable one-hand grip that photographers who cut their teeth on film M cameras used to use instinctively.

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Thanks Ed – this is great. What a neat device for us film shooters!

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