In Which We See Three IIIc’s At Work

Jun 3, 2020  By Dick Gilcreast

The Leica Illc with collapsible 50mm f/2 lens can be a compact and capable personal camera, very usable even with its built-in viewfinder’s 0.5x minified image. The illustrated camera’s 50mm f/2 Summar has a small front flange like the previous 50mm f/3.5 Elmar, neither of which cut into the viewfinder image the way all the larger later-model 50mm f/2 and f/1.5 lenses do. So, using ISO 200 or 400 color negative film, this small camera can work anywhere with no other accessories needed. 1/1000th at f/12.5 will handle the brightest snow scenes, while using the extra speed of the Summar’s f/2 at a handheld 1/30th it can work in low living room ligh. Or, in even more extreme low light, with a braced hand held 1/10th at f/2 it can equal what I used to get with my big old M3 and 50mm f/1.0 Noctilux combination at 1/30th! However this little Illc can be carried in a belt case or a pocket and pulled out anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Photo #1

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