The Leica M10-R

Sep 3, 2020  By Jonathan Slack

The lifecycle of Leica M cameras has led us to expect a Monochrom at the end of the line, and we have had it, the surprising and wonderful M10 Monochrom which was released in January this year ( monochrom.html). So, we’ve had the wonderful M10, the premium M10-P the minimalist M10-D, and the 40 megapixel M10 Monochrom, now we have to wait for the announctement of the M11 right?


It doesn’t require sixth sense to realise that if Leica can make a 40MP Monochrom sensor, then they can make a colour sensor at that resolution as well, and of course they have, so let’s welcome the M10-R, or should we welcome it? Let’s face it, the 24 mp of the Leica M10 is really quite enough for almost any photographic project, be it a brochure or a billboard.

I’m going to have a look at whether the extra resolution is worth it, and also at differences in character and performance between the existing M10 sensor (in all the other colour M10 variant cameras) and the new sensor, and there really are differences.

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