Apr 14, 2021  By Jonathan Slack

About 10 or 11 years ago I went to Solms for a visit. I was a little early, and when I arrived the receptionist told me that Jesko was in a meeting and would be a bit late, and asked if would I like to fill up the time playing with this lens. Of course.

The lens was a 50 Summicron, and there had been rumours of a replacement, so I took it at face value. I wandered around outside taking a few shots, and then sat down and put them on my computer. I’m not sure that my jaw actually dropped, but I was certainly gobsmacked. The images had a real clarity with wonderful bokeh – they just pinged out at me.

Of course, this was my first sight of the 50mm APO-Summicron- M, and to give myself credit, I immediately realised how special it was, even when expecting something ‘standard’.

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