A Very Useful System for Macro Work

Jul 14, 2021  By Dick Gilcreast

The gear shown here can be used with any Leica camera from screw-mount to M to digital M. It consists of a Visoflex II or III reflex housing, a 65mm f/3.5 Elmar-V lens, and either an OTZFO or Bellows II — or both — to hold the lens and focus to close distances.

The 65mm lens is chosen as a single very capable lens to use for general closeup work. The helical focus mount OTZFO (16464) will focus it from infinity down to a 2×3 inch frame, or extension tubes can be added for closer ranges. The pre-set aperture ring on the lens makes switching from wide open focus to taking aperture quick and easy, with no automatic activation to hang up or go wrong.

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