LHSA Photography Show

Jul 15, 2021  By Richard Rejino

We are very pleased to announce a special event for our meeting attendees this year:
The LHSA Photography Show, hosted by the Leica Store Bellevue.
And you are invited to submit your images for consideration.

Please note, this is not a contest. Images for the show will be selected based on their impact and how well they work together in the context of a complete, collective presentation.

The theme for the show is The Power of Light. Light defines the texture, shape, and impact of everything we see. The quality of light gives us tone, mood, and extracts the contrasts and nuances of color. For this show we want to showcase light’s infinite power in directing the viewer’s eye, helping us see levels and relationships we would never experience without photography.

So, today through the September 7th deadline, we invite you to search for scenes that reveal the power of light – creating drama, subtlety, intimacy, and awe. Leica quality makes this exploration even more powerful, so make this an opportunity for us to expand our vision. 


Between now and 12 noon, EDT, Tuesday, September 7, each attendee who has registered for the October conference can submit up to 3 images for consideration. The images must be shot on Leica cameras and lenses and include a title for each image, the Leica camera and Leica lens used to make each image. This information will be used in signage with your name should your image be selected.

Gallery print image sizes will be 14×16, 21×14, 17.5x 11.5 inches and will be printed, matted, and framed for us to view for the first time in the Leica Store Bellevue. Images must meet these requirements: JPEG files no smaller than 5000 pixels on the shorter side, minimal compression, Adobe RGB color space, no watermarks, full EXIF metadata included. Files that do not meet these criteria cannot be considered.

The show will also be available to the public. The number of images used (approximately 10-15) for the show will be chosen by committee based on how they work together in an additive way. Show images are chosen by the committee and some additional frames may also appear on the LHSA website, based on the same criteria.

Click on the link below to submit your photos. NOTE: this is only open to persons who have already registered for the LHSA Conference and Annual Meeting in Seattle, October 22-23, 2021!

Submit your photos.

Richard Rejino
Richard is the Executive Director of LHSA - The International Leica Society and a part-time professional photographer. He is also a classically trained pianist, writer and published author. His book, "What Music Means to Me" is available from Hal Leonard Corporation.

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