Mr. Boch

Jul 14, 2021  By Jim Lager

In 2002 the American Photo- graphic Historical Society published a booklet titled The Greatest Invention of the Leitz Family: The Leica Freedom Train by Frank Dabba Smith. Norman Lipton, a Leitz employee in New York comments on page 9, “ I observed ( the absorption of refugees) in action soon after I was hired by the New York office of Leitz on May18th, 1938. On alternate weeks, I witnessed the arrival and processing of 30 or more Leitz- sponsered refugees who were lined up along the wall of our office waiting to be interviewed by Alfred Boch, Executive Vice President. Boch put them up at the nearby Great Northern Hotel and spent the succeed- ing days on the telephone finding jobs for them throughout New York and the nation.” Alfred Boch’s humanitarian concern and action will be long remembered. In 1970 Boch celebrated 50 years with the Leitz organization. In 1977 he was the honoured guest at a surprise party. These events are detailed here.

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