Jul 14, 2021  By Jim Lager

In the spring of 1914 Ernst Leitz II visited America. He carried an UR-Leica. Giani Rogliatti refers to this event on page15 of his 1995 book Leica-the First 70 Years. The 2017 publication Oskar Barnack – From the Idea to the Leica by Ulf Richter contains 1914 photos taken by Ernst Leitz II with an UR-Leica. Street scenes of New York City are on pages 60-61. This is the first time the UR-Leica came to America.

After the Second World War the 100th Anniversary of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar was acknowledged in the Summer 1949 issue of Leica Photography. The UR-Leica and null series camera 119 were photographed with view camera at a NYC studio. The latest IIIc was included in several views. This represents the second UR-Leica visit.

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