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 LHSA – The International Leica Society is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to all aspects of the Leica camera, including photography, research, history, documentation, and collecting.

Members’ interests overflow from active hands-on photography to research and documentation of the Leica system, and to collecting cameras, lenses, and accessories made for the system. Attention also is given to literature relating to the system and individuals who use it.

LHSA is international in scope, with members countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, who recognize the special distinction that the Leica camera system carries.

The Leica system has been built to the highest standards of manufacturing with meticulous attention to quality and precision. Over the years, various models of the camera have been presented to royalty, presidents, scientists, explorers and others that were recognized for their accomplishments throughout the world. No other camera or precision instrument in history has received such universal recognition.

The society makes every effort to research historical facts concerning the Leica system and to share this information with members through its quarterly journal, Viewfinder, which features articles about the Leica camera and system. Viewfinder offers special information of interest to users, collectors, and historians concerned with the identification and use of cameras and accessories, both old and new. Viewfinder also provides information about worldwide current events relating to Leica. Examples of fine photography with details are present in every issue of Viewfinder.

Membership to LHSA is open to all who have a genuine interest in Leica products. Dues are paid when the membership application is submitted. A membership runs for 365 days from the date of joining.

Each fall the LHSA holds its Annual Meeting on a rotational basis in various cities throughout the U.S. Occasionally meetings have been held in Canada or Germany. Each spring the society holds a Regional Shoot (“Spring Shoot”) which is a smaller and more informal event. The Spring Shoot is also held in various cities, usually within the U.S., which offer venues of photographic interest. The in-person gathehttp://lhsa.org/join-now/rings have offered members the opportunity to gain knowledge of the Leica system and form lasting friendships.

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