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© Richard Rejino 2015

© Richard Rejino 2015

Advertise on this site and reach hundreds of Leica users and collectors!  The LHSA offers three types of advertising at reasonable rates.

     –    BANNER ADS

     –    BOX ADS


Advertisers are asked to set up an Advertising Account (free of charge) and submit their ads for approval.  Payment will be made through the secure payment provider, PayPal, on this site.  You will receive an email when your ad is approved.  All ads will expire in 90 days.  If your ad is declined, you will be notified.  (See Disclaimer below).

Banner ads and box ads may be purchased on 23 pages of the website, subject to availability.  Before purchasing a banner or box ad, you will be able to review a list of what pages are available and the corresponding pricing.  Banner ads range from $250-$400.  Box ads range from $200-$350.

Banner ads should be 468 pixels wide X 60 pixels tall with a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch). 

Box ads should be 215 pixels X 215 pixels with a resolution of 72 dpi. 

Classified Ads are $125 each (photo is optional).  Classified ads will include a title, description (up to 150 characters), and contact information.

If a URL is provided, clicking on an advertisement will direct the user to the URL specified.  Links will be set up to open into a new browser window.  We do this so that LHSA visitors will remain on the website until they purposely leave.


The Leica Historical Society of America reserves the right to reject advertiser’s or individual’s material for any reason.  In taking an ad submittal or upload from an advertiser or individual, LHSA is not obligated to post that ad material on its website.  In the event an ad is rejected, any and all payment received for that ad will be refunded to the advertiser or individual.

 If you have questions about Advertising, please contact the LHSA administrator at info@lhsa.org.