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FAQ – Leica Society Spring Member Drive


Q) Are you a Leica Store, Boutique, or Dealer looking to sign-up and participate in the Leica Society Spring Member Drive?

A) Yes! Click here to sign-up. Please do so by April 30, 2017.

Q) Are you a Sales Associate at a Leica Store, Boutique, or Dealer and want to sign-up to participate in the Leica Society Spring Member Drive?

A) Yes! Click here to sign-up. Please do so by April 30, 2017.

Q) What if I missed the April 30, 2017, deadline?

A)You can still participate. The other sales associates will just have a head start.

Q) Where do I sign-up qualified customers as new Leica Society members?

A) You can sign-up new members digitally by clicking here. Alternatively, they can mail in their membership. You can print out and use the tally at your store (here is a link to download the tally). Or fill in the physical brochure which will be provided to you.

These need to be mailed to:

The International Leica Society

14070 Proton Rd. Suite 100

Dallas, TX 75244-3601

The physical brochure must be post-marked by July 31, 2017.

Q) How do I keep track of my sign-ups?

A) A tally form was provided when you signed-up. Please keep track using this form. In addition, we will keep track when the customer signs-up and provides your name.

Q) When should I let customers know about this promotion?

A) We encourage you to let them know about this special Leica Society membership gift at the point of sale, and for you to sign the customer up as a member on the customer’s behalf.

Q) If the customer wants to sign up for the Leica Society membership gift on his or her own, will I still get credit?

A) Yes, as long as the customer writes your name either on the brochure or on the digital form when registering to become a Leica Society member.

When registering online at https://lhsa.org/join/, the customer needs to use the code WELCOME2017 to receive the one-year free digital membership gift.

More information about the Leica Society Spring Member Drive for customers can be found by visiting https://lhsa.org/jointheleicasociety/

Q) When does the program take place?

A) The promotion is live from May 1 – July 31. Customers must purchase a qualifying item and sign-up during this time period to receive the promotion and for the sales associate to get credit.

Q) What are the qualifying purchases for a customer to receive a free one-year digital Leica Society membership?

A) A customer must purchase a camera or lens from the Leica M, SL or Q systems during the promotion period (May 1 – July 31) from a participating Leica Store, Boutique, or Dealer and sign-up during these dates.

For the Leica Q, only the Leica Q camera counts as a qualifying purchase. Technical equipment and accessories do not count.

For the Leica M and Leica SL systems, any new camera or lens from this family counts as a qualifying purchase.

International customers are allowed. For instance, someone traveling from London buys a Leica M Monochrom at Leica Store SoHo – that person is eligible.

This promotion is only for new members.

Q) What do customers receive by joining, and what are the benefits of an LHSA membership?

A) There are many benefits to joining LHSA! Customers who sign-up between May 1 and July 31 will receive the following:

  • Free one year digital LHSA membership gift ($60 value; 1 time offer, no stacking)
  • Robust and welcoming community of Leica users through our Membership Directory
  • Digital subscription to the renowned Viewfinder Magazine and access to archived issues
  • Access, discounts, and invitations to LHSA programming like regional shoots and Annual Meeting
  • Ask an Expert feature
  • Discounts on repairs through Leica Camera USA
  • Catalog Marketplace (LHSA store & members’ only buy-sell)

Q) When will customers receive their Leica Society membership?

A) New members will be added to Leica Society every weekday morning. For example, a customer who signs up on Saturday afternoon will be added as a member on Monday morning. 

Q) How should I refer to the Society?

A) You can refer to us as the “Leica Society.” “LHSA” or “The International Leica Society” is also correct.

Q) If the customer wants to become a paid member of the Leica Society, will I still get credit towards my sign-up count?

Absolutely! There are other types of membership that the customer can sign-up for.

Q) What are the incentives for Sales Associates of participating Leica Stores, Boutiques, and Dealers?

A) We have several levels of rewards based on the new members you sign up! They are as follows:

Sales Associates Incentive Program

For individual staff: More Leica Society memberships gifted to customers earn more rewards!

  • New LHSA Member Milestones                           Sales Associate Rewards
  • 1 New LHSA Member                                               Free one-year LHSA Digital Membership
  • 10 New LHSA Members                                           LHSA Hat
  • 25 New LHSA Members                                           Instagram for Professional Photographers Course
  • 50 New LHSA Members                                           Freiberg Oberwerth Bag ($550 value!)
  • Top Seller Prize (Min: 50 sign-ups)                      $1,000 Cash Prize! Plus special recognition on LHSA’s website and social channels










Q) If a member buys two qualifying products, will they receive two years of free membership?

A) No, stacking is not allowed. This is a one-time offer for qualified customers. They have until July 31 to be signed up as a LHSA member for the Sales Associate to receive credit towards his or sign-up count. This promotion is only for new members.

Q) When will we receive the milestone rewards?

A) You will receive your rewards after the program ends and we tally everything up. You can expect to receive your rewards towards the end of August.

Q) What happens if there is a tie between the best sellers?

A) As long as both sellers surpassed the 50 Leica Society member sign-up milestone, the cash prize will be split evenly among the top sellers.

Q) Who do we contact with any questions/issues/concerns?

A) Please contact LHSA Executive Director, Richard Rejino, at richard@madcrouch.com

More information about the program can be found by visiting https://lhsa.org/memberdrive.


Thank you for your support of the Leica Society and help keeping the Leica legacy alive!