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The International Leica Society is open to everyone who shares an interest in Leica and its history. Members’ interests range from owning and using Leica products to discussing, researching and documenting information about Leica cameras and collecting literature about the many lenses and accessories made for the system.

The LHSA offers both Print and Electronic memberships.  The Print Membership begins the day the member joins and is valid for 365 days.  The Print Membership includes a subscription to Viewfinder, a quarterly journal that features articles about the Leica camera and system and offers information of interest to users, collectors and historians concerned with the use of the Leica system.

Electronic memberships begin on the date the member joins and are valid for 365 days.  Electronic members have access to the Members’ area of the website which contains theViewfinder archives, Membership Directory, Tips and Techniques, and web articles written by LHSA members.

In addition to LHSA’s Viewfinder, other member benefits include:

  • Catalog Marketplace (LHSA store & members’ only buy-sell)
  • Membership Directory – communicate with other members
  • Invitation to participate in LHSA regional shoots and LHSA Annual Meetings
  • Leica Camera-sponsored workshops as part of the Annual Meeting
  • Reduced prices on current and future LHSA branded products and services

The society is international in scope and recognizes the special kind of distinction that the Leica camera system enjoys.

Need more information?  Call the LHSA office at (972) 233-9107 or email us at info@lhsa.org.

To download an application, click here: LEICA Membership Application.

To renew your membership by mail, click here: LHSA 2018 Renewal Form