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Leica APO-TELYT-R 280mm f/4 Lens Mint Condition

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The APO-Telyt 280mm f/4 has been one of Leica's most impressive lens designs and has been praised by users for its exceptional sharpness and color accuracy. These qualities are clearly linked to its design as an APO lens that employs special glass elements to insure that red, blue and green light all converge to the same point on the sensor or film for superior imaging results. The highly regarded French journal Chasseur d'images gave the APO-Telyt 280mm f/4 a rare five-star performance rating. This APO lens comes with the leather case, box, instruction booklet, warranty card, strap, front and rear caps and the Leica E77 UV filter. Leica recommends the use of the protection filter as part of the design. The lens is in beautiful condition.

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