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    Camera straps are another one of those “Neat Things for your Leica” that many of us obsess over. Just like “Softies”, half cases, grips, “Thumbs Ups”, cam […]



    I’M not sure when I met Tom, as it seems like we have been friends forever. It must have been back in the late 1980’s and I’m sure it was at one of the LHSA annual meeti […]

  • Everyone knows the motto of the Boy Scouts of America – Be Prepared. For a photographer, being prepared means having the tools on hand to do the job: what camera and lens combination will you need to get an a […]

  • Erwin Puts’ latest volume explores the progression of Leica 50mm lens design from the original Anastigmat/ Elmax/Elmar lenses of the Leica I to the most recent optical masterpiece from Leica, the A […]

  • Several months ago, I received Georg Mann’s magnum opus on the Leicaflex camera. This is an incredible 525 page volume on the history and development of the Leicaflex camera, with which Herr Mann was intimately i […]

  • The popularity of the Leica digital M cameras, and the resurgence of Leica film cameras, has encouraged many Leica users to explore the world of Leica compatible lenses. Other mirrorless cameras such as those from […]

  • Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO of net SE, parent company of Meyer Optik Gorlitz and Oberwerth bags, attended our recent annual meeting in Washington DC. At the trade show, he had several examples of his Oberwerth bags for […]