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  • The 25th Anniversary of the Leica’s introduction was observed in 1939. A prominent blue and silver sticker adorned the Leica Dealers Bulletin 44, December 1939. In 1949 metal discs were prepared to advertise dea […]

  • Leica literature dated 1940-1943 exists in the German and Italian languages. Research suggests this material was never prepared in English. The samples illustrated discuss cameras, lenses, and accessories. Note […]

  • As early as the mid-1930’s Leitz Wetzlar offered lens containers composed of material generally known as Bakelite. Prepared for individual focal lengths, the cases feature a screw on cap and exhibit at least two […]

  • Since the earliest Leicas Leitz has prepared a multitude of advertising material to spread the Leica gospel worldwide. Cameras, lenses, and accessories ( the hardware ) are well known to most Leica enthusiasts. […]

  • Leica advertising to the end of 1932 speaks of the Leica’s simplicity of operation, compactness, readiness, and excellent results obtainable from the format. Here are a few examples provided by Lawrence G […]

  • An unusual Leitz optical viewfinder was utilized by sports photographer Lothar Rubelt at the 1952 summer Olympic Games at Helsinki, Finland. The viewfinder is essentially a low power Leitz monocular fitted to the […]

  • Longtime LHSA member Dr. Wayne Hull details the Leitz, New York X-ray Leica in the Viewfinder Volume 5, #1, Jan-March 1972. During World War II Leitz New York crafted a modified Leica housing for X-ray […]

    Over 20 years ago Dr. Robert Bingham supplied negatives of Leica No. 122 to aid my research efforts. A photo of the top of this historic Leica appears on page 14 of my Volume I – Cameras. Additional views are i […]

  • After the end of WWII Leitz New York was actively trying to restore the business climate interrupted during 1940-1945. In 1947 communications to American Leica Dealers detailed on-going efforts. Here are two from […]

  • In the 1980’s while working in the retail sector I assisted a customer needing help in loading her Leica. Loading difficulties were a constant problem. After instructions I noticed something very peculiar about t […]

  • E Leitz, Inc. represented the Leica in the United States beginning in the 1920’s. Envelopes, brochures, catalogues, memos, and other documents trace the location of the Company. Form New York City to the New J […]

  • The earliest reflex housing designed to fit the Leica appears to be the Astro Berlin Identoscope of 1933. Two years later Leitz Wetzlar introduced the PLOOT assembly. In 1936 Ihagee debuted the Kina Exacta and the […]