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LHSA Liasons

William Fagan (Europe)

Hiroshi Wada (Asia)

Photographer Friends of LHSA:

Cradoc Bagshaw

Tom Grill

Constantine Manos

Nicholas Pinto

Ashwin Rao

Craig Semetko

Maggie Steber

Gigi Stoll

Peter Turnley

Leica Camera Dealers & Accessory Companies

Camera West – Rancho Mirage & Walnut Creek, CA

Foto-Care LTD – New York, NY

Foto-Care Blog

Glazer’s Camera – Seattle

Koh’s Camera – NY

Leica Store Miami

Leica Store New York Soho

Leica Store San Franciso

Leica Store Washington DC

Oberwerth Bags – Germany

OC Camera – Mission Viejo, CA

Tamarkin Camera – Chicago

Westborn Camera Co. – Dearborn


Medjet Insurance

Please review and proceed when ready – the eBrochure overview can be emailed directly to the society members and posted on their website as a courtesy advisement. The creative in the piece indicates that interested persons can learn more about Medjet and enroll by visiting www.MEDJET.com/Leica or by calling Medjet at our main number (1.800.527.7478) referring to The International Leica Society.